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[Aucani_rerint] Divulgação nº 151 / 2020 - Informe AUCANI - UNESCO promove fórum internacional sobre patrimônio e saúde global

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Prezados professores e colegas dos escritórios internacionais,

Entre 17 e 19 de junho de 2021, acontece o XIX International Forum of Studies World Heritage and Design for Health pela UNESCO, em Nápoles e Capri (Itália). O fórum internacional aborda as questões relacionadas à pandemia global em uma lógica multidisciplinar e sistêmica, conforme indicado pela UNESCO e pela Agenda 2030 das Nações Unidas para a definição de projetos e ações concretas que incluam o bem-estar e a saúde da comunidade global.

Contando com sua atenção especial e solicitando a divulgação da oportunidade em questão entre os seus docentes e pesquisadores, despeço-me com protestos de estima e consideração. 


Valmor Tricoli
Presidente da AUCANI

Universidade de São Paulo



Agência USP de Cooperação Acadêmica Nacional e Internacional (AUCANI) 

USP International Cooperation Office 

Reitoria - Universidade de São Paulo - USP 

Av. Prof. Lúcio Martins Rodrigues, 310 - Bloco B - CEP: 05508-020 - São Paulo/SP - Brasil 

Webpages: / 

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09 Dez, 20

UPDATE: SPbPU Summer School 2021 in a mixed format (3 options)

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Dear partners and colleagues, 


I am writing you with an update to my previous email (in FW below) on the format of SPbPU Summer School 2021.


Russia resumed international air and railway service with 6 more countries lately. 

Now Option 2 (HYBRID) and Option 3 (TAILOR-MADE) is applicable to nationals of 29 countries:


the United Kingdom, Tanzania, Turkey, Switzerland, Egypt, Maldives, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Korea, Cuba, Serbia, Japan, the Seychelles, Ethiopia, Vietnam, India, Qatar, Finland, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Greece, Singapore, Venezuela, Germany, Syria, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka.


As far as I know you do have many international students at your university degree programs and we believe some of them (holding nationality or long-term residence permit of the listed above countries) might be interested in these two options. 


I am also attaching a new PDF leaflet with a very attactive representation of these 3 options of the Summer School format, we hope this file will help with promotion vizualization.


What is more, we also provide discounts for online and hybrid courses tuition fee in some cases:

 - If a student takes 2 programs in one season he/she gets a 10% discount per each course;

- If a student takes 3 or more programs in one season he/she gets a 15% discount per each course;

- If a  student is an SPbPU alumni of any course in the last 5 years he/she gets a 10% discount for any summer program;

Also, a 10% discount is given to a group of 10 or more students in case of a tailor-made program.


Thank you very much for your kind support in promoting our university summer programs among your students! 

We highly appreciate your cooperation and we'll very much looking forward to welcome your students at our summer programs this season! 


Best regards,
Darina Klimova


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16 Abr, 21

Immerse Yourself in Participatory Workshops During the Plant Biology 2021 Worldwide Summit!

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Registration is now open for the Plant Biology 2021 Worldwide Summit, which will take place online from July 19–July 23. We’re excited to announce that this year we have a fantastic lineup of workshops, organized in three main tracks – Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; Professional Development; and Technical Development and Innovation.

Here are just a few:

  • Beyond Law - Providing Accessibility and Inclusion Just Because
  • Bioeconomy Careers Beyond Academia
  • Tips and Advice For Navigating Grad School: A Q&A Panel Presented By the Early Career Plant Scientist Section (ECPS)
  • Delivering Your Message: Tools for Better Presentations
  • Building an International Career
  • Workshop and Hackathon On Improving Orphan Crops To Foster Bio-Economies (sponsored by OCP-North America)
  • 'Our Lab': Building an Inclusive Lab Culture
  • Flowernetpheno: Detection of Flowers Based on Spatio-Temporal Image Sequence Analysis Using Deep Learning Techniques for Event-Based Plant Phenotyping
  • Plant Biology for Crop Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Sustainable Nitrogen Management
  • Advances in Plant Biology & Sustainable Agriculture In The Middle East and North Africa (sponsored by CAUST-CDA and UAEU)
  • The Biotechnology of HIGS and SIGS for Plant Pest Resistance: What Works, What Doesn’t, What’s Next?
  • Systems Thinking Framework For Plant Science Undergraduate Education
  • Accessing Genomes and Plant Ecosystems – One SMRT Cell At A Time
  • Marine Farming - Biotech For The Oceans

We know what you’re thinking – there are so many good ones! How will I ever be able to join all of the workshops I want to attend? Well, you’re in luck: workshops will be recorded for on-demand viewing just in case you are unable to clone yourself to be in two workshops happening at the same time! And all of this great content will be available to registered attendees for a full year after the meeting.

Alternatively, here’s another great option – if you can take advantage of our group rates by signing up with others, then you can “divide and conquer” by choosing different members of your group to attend different sessions and workshops! Then, after the conference, you can get together and share key insights with each other. There are discounted rates for groups of all sizes, and this year members of a group do NOT have to all be from one organization – as long as you have at least 5 people, each with their own email address. Instructions for registering a group can be found on the registration page

As part of your registration process, you will see that you can sign up for the workshops you’d like to attend (whether you’ve registered as part of a group or as an individual). This is mainly for attendance estimates, because some workshops may have numbers capped. Moreover, taking this step does NOT lock you into the workshops you sign up for – you can change your mind or return to your registration later to complete or change your selections. Don’t delay too long, though: workshops were SUPER popular last year.

Eager to go see the full list of workshops and start picking those you want to attend? We won’t keep you any longer!

See you at Plant Biology 2021!

The Program Committee

Plant Biology 2021 Worldwide Summit


p.s. It has come to our attention that ASPB community members are receiving email communications from organizations or individuals inviting participation in conferences whose titles, email addresses, and/or URLs appear to mimic those associated with the legitimate Plant Biology 2021 Worldwide Summit that is organized by the. ASPB does not sell or license its name or lists of its community members’ email addresses to third parties for any purpose. We therefore cannot vouch that these are legitimate meetings, and we invite you to take care in assessing these communications. All official communications from ASPB, whether regarding the Plant Biology 2021 Worldwide Summit or not, will come from an email address. Please whitelist this domain if you wish to continue receiving messages about the Plant Biology 2021 Worldwide Summit. And if you ever have any questions about the legitimacy of an email that appears to promote an ASPB-related conference or activity, please feel free to contact Jean Rosenberg at Este endereço de email está sendo protegido de spambots. Você precisa do JavaScript ativado para vê-lo..

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22 Abr, 21